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WCC Archives manages, collects, preserves and provides access to the institutional memory of the WCC

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Search instructions

Some recommendations to help you find your way in the database of the World Council of Churches archives.

WCC Archives compactus


  • Choose your language (de, en, fr). Please note that the description of the archives is in English. The language of the documents is largely English, but other languages as well.
  • We recommend to start with the Archive plan search
    Step down the hierarchy of the Archive Plan by clicking on "+" and select the relevant archival units. By clicking on the title you get the detail view with full information about the item; turn back to the hierarchical view by clicking the icon "Localize in archive plan".
  • Full text search
    Search in all fields of description. It is recommended when you have specific key words as e.g. names of persons. Use quotation marks if your key word is a composed term (e.g. "South Sudan").
  • Field search
    Search in one or several specific fields of description. It is recommended when you want to do a search by reference code.
  • Descriptor search
    It allows you to search by subject, person, events and conferences, geographical names, WCC governing bodies, programmes, units and Sister organizations. First step is to find your descriptor(s). Second step (on the right) is to start a search with the selected descriptor. Analyze your results: be aware of the description level of every result and of the reference code (codes beginning with a number are paper archives, those beginning with a letter are audiovisual documents). Localize your result by clicking on the archive plan icon (AP).

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