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WCC Archives manages, collects, preserves and provides access to the institutional memory of the WCC

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Conditions of use

Researchers are kindly requested to read and follow the Archives Rules, fill in and sign the Archives inscription form and send it two weeks in advance to planned visit to archives[a]wcc-coe.org

    Sculpture Saint Paul
  • Consultation follows the Archives Rules (Febr. 2012) and is only upon request and appointment. It is free of charge.
  • Access to archival documents is open 20 years after file closure. In case of preponderant interests the embargo period may be longer.
  • Any user who asks for access to records during an embargo period is requested to submit a written request to the archivists of WCC, explaining the research purpose and specifying in an as detailed and precise way as possible the records or documents whose disclosure he or she requests.
  • Consultation takes place exclusively in the reading room.
  • Ordering is limited to three units (boxes).
  • Users are not allowed to access the repositories except accompanied by the staff or under explicit authorization.
  • Use of personal devices as cameras (without flash) is generally allowed but needs previous authorization of the staff.
  • The archivists help and guide the user to start the search. Any other services carried out by the archivists, such as search and documentation on request and reproduction of documents, are subject to the search and reproduction fee as specified in the Archival Fees.
  • Use of archival sources has to be acknowledged by quoting the source "Archives of the World Council of Churches" or "WCC Archives", and in case of reproduction of a document as an image, "by permission of World Council of Churches", and by indicating the exact archival reference number.


The WCC Archives are located at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva (see map).

Take the bus Nr. 5 operating between Geneva main station Cornavin and Geneva Airport until bus stop Crêts de Morillon. Go to the main reception and ask for the archivists.

If you come by car, please notify the reception. Parking facilities are free of charge but require authorization.